Welcome to our dermatology practice, Dr Van Deventer and Associates.

Please find below some general information about the practice / FAQ:

Our consultation fee is R890.00. Follow up / review for the same condition, etc within 2 weeks is R500  (at discretion of the treating doctor/practice manager).


Additional costs apply for any procedures performed such as excisions, biopsies, etc. this will be discussed during the consultation if needed and cost estimates are also available from reception (only after cosultation with a doctor).

All laboratory costs (Blood tests, histology, etc) is directly payable to the laboratory by yourself or your medical aid and is independent of Dr Van Deventer's account (AMPATH or Pathcare will claim directly from your medical aid for these tests if needed).


Larger excisions will typically not be performed on the same day as the first consultation due to planning, schedule, etc and a follow-up appointment will typically be made as soon as possible with Dr Van Deventer or an associated Skin Surgeon for excision. This is especially true if any malignancy is suspected as we want to ensure that the whole lesion is excised with the lowest possible recurrence rate. Smaller benign lesions might be removed on the same day. It is therefore very important to follow up if scheduled for an excision as these are usually the ‘high risk’ lesions.

Unfortunately the doctor/s cannot respond to every email / telephone call and each email / telephone call that requires a response from a doctor will incur a consultation fee.


Pigmented or suspicious lesions might be scanned and analised using specialised digital imaging systems and costs for this can vary between R100 and R600, depending on the number of lesions, size and sites.


The practice does not deal with any medical aid directly. We will issue you with a detailed invoice after consultation. Your account must be settled in full on the day of your consultation. After payment you can submit your account to your medical aid and they should reimburse you within a few days.  We accept most major bank cards and cash. We do not accept EFT / bank deposits.

A consultation fee will be billed for all missed appointments not cancelled at least 1 working day prior to your scheduled appointment. Please make all cancellations in writing to: info@medilifesa.co.za


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information. The information on the website is for informational purposes and subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us for any specific enquiries and to confirm the latest information.


We hope to welcome you soon in our practice as one of our valued and satisfied patients.

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